Alain Vodonaevu criticized for a photo with the genitals of the bull

Алену Водонаеву раскритиковали за фото с гениталиями быка

Alena Vodonaeva is now in new York. There a girl went for “filming in an interesting project.” Like any man, being in the “capital of the world”, former star of the TV project “Dom-2” went for a walk around the city and visit its attractions.

One of them is the sculpture of a bull located on wall street.

To be photographed with the bull has long been a tradition, moreover, when filming it is important to keep the bull, for example, by the horns, and for his intimate part.

Following the example of others, Vodonaeva made this photo, which was criticized by its users: “And how many GERMS have accumulated on them (!!!).More than on any door handles, dispensers, etc. and licking”, “A little from a living bull to touch it???)”, “Not my sense of humor must be a sense of proportion, good manners still exist”, “neither me nor my friends who was in new York not occurred to me to touch this bull by the balls. But there is a contingent who is practising) what to whom as they say”

Comment followers Alena is not left without attention and gave them back.

“You have to touch his balls for good luck and monetary prosperity. Touch all. Someone hugs them, and someone even licks. To be prudish and don’t be shy to show your hypocrisy so openly, it’s cool? How can a person live without a sense of humor? You okay? But tell me, do you even know where you come from? Did you know that all living creatures have a pussy? Why #Uchovangogha does not cause such a reaction, as the bollocks of a Bull? And your childhood was severely scolded, when you are interested in your gender? Do you have sex? What about the children? And you know what eggs and what function do they perform in this world? But most of all I want to know all about how to live without a sense of humor? Well soooo???” — asked Alain subscribers.

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