Danila Kozlovsky told how the mother affects his personal life

Данила Козловский рассказал, как мама влияет на его личную жизнь

Danila Kozlovsky is today one of the most enviable grooms of Russia. Successful, popular, charming, talented and humble actor seemingly has everything your heart desires. But, according to many, something he was still missing. Namely, a normal family.

Rumor has it that the fault that Daniel did not marry his mother is Nadezhda Nikolaevna.

Journalists and secular observers believe that the mother Kozlovskaya has a significant impact on the son and on his personal life.

The situation the star of the movie “the Crew” decided to comment at the premiere: “the Opinion of parents is important, of course, but may not be determinative. Personal life personal and that it happens between you and your other half, and no one should interfere”.

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