Наталья Фриске поделилась редкими кадрами с Платоном The woman really misses his nephew. The entire Friske family is forbidden to see the boy. At the moment the child is with father Dmitry Shepelev on vacation. Natalie really misses the fellowship with Plato.

      Sister Jeanne Friske Natalia really misses his nephew Plato. The woman decided to share the footage with the little boy in the microblog. It should say that on all pictures and in video, son Friske about two years. After the death of the singer’s father, heir of Dmitry Shepelev limited the intercourse of Plato with relatives on my mother’s side.

      “I miss the days when you read books, put to bed and cook you soup”, – wrote Natalia under one of the frames with Plato.

      In the video with Natalie’s nephew and the son of Jeanne make sounds of different animals and pretending faces. Subscribers microblog women were in awe of the little Plato. “Wonderful child!”, “Everything will be fine. Plato remembers You and loves!”, “Sweet baby”, “mother son! A Copy Of Jeanne!”, “Very handsome boy”, “What a good baby!”, noted followers Friske.

      Some social media users felt that posting archival images of Plato, sister Jeanne tried to provoke Dmitry Shepelev, who has long resting together with his son abroad and not in a hurry to contribute to the meeting with the heir to the family. Dmitry Shepelev hides adolescent son

      In may, the Friske family still managed to see the boy. Date relatives son Shepelev took place on neutral territory. Dmitry appeared in cafes, accompanied by guards, and the child’s relationship with grandmother and aunt took only half an hour. Despite the long separation, Plato recognized relatives. After this date Shepelev was no longer offered the Friske family to see the boy.

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