Звезда Comedy Woman показала эротическую пародию на Ольгу Бузову Marina Fedunkiv continues a series of humorous videos about life double of the presenter. In the new video star Comedy Woman tried to portray the gait of the famous blondes and copy her image in a bathing suit and a light cloak.

      The star of the show “Comedy Woman” Marina Fedunkiv launched his comic series about the life of a star’s Instagram Mysovoy. The prototype of this girl was the presenter of “House-2” Olga Buzova, who loves to delight fans of the short video with her participation.

      “In the new series Musawa, inspired by reports about the rest of his idol, decided to give the video tutorial a beautiful life in beautiful lingerie. And beautiful lingerie is, as it turns out, warm underwear,” he signed the movie Marina.

      Video posted by Marina Fedunkiv (@marina_phedunkiv) Aug 30 2016 3:36 PDT

      In the first part of the video you can see how Olga Buzova swimwear shows during a holiday in a hot country. Star tans around the pool and smiles to its subscribers. In the second part of the frame appears Marina, dressed in a set of black underwear and a green Terry cloth robe. In this form, she gracefully walks down the stairs of the entrance. Suddenly she sees the bully, who, seeing her, runs away. By the way, this character already was in the previous video Fedunkiw. Parody star Comedy Woman on Olga Buzova blew up the Internet

      For microblog of the Actresses from “Real boys” are watching more than 750 thousand subscribers. Fedunkiw has a good sense of humor, so Internet users look forward to every post. Fans of the stars in awe vloga. “How lovely! Marina – that is sensational!”, Marina – you are a star! Masterpiece”, “And Marinka-what a figure! Juicy, come on!”, “I love to look at you! Laughing to tears! You’re really cool!”, – wrote followers Fedunkiw.

      Previously, Marina was shown singing Mysovoy when she’s driving, portraying the same situation in the kitchen and using as a rudder plate. Fans of umoristi was delighted.

      By the way, Olga Buzova itself does not react to such skits. The TV presenter loves to laugh at himself. She recently recorded a video together with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, in which he plays a real man is henpecked. He’ll do anything for his wife: to wash, to cook and to fulfill any whim of the beloved. However, not everyone appreciated the humor Buzova, noting that such videos, she humiliated athlete. Olga and Dmitry has dedicated this clip to the author of the song that plays behind the scenes, rapper T-killah.

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