Мужа Кати Жужи обворовали Family holidays the leading “House-2” was damaged. In the Moscow airport Kate Susan and her husband Oleg Vinnik discovered the loss of the suitcase, which contained valuable things. Star discouraged by the incident.

      Мужа Кати Жужи обворовали

      Leave Katie the Zsuzsa over an unpleasant incident. Friend Ksenia Borodina and newscaster of “House-2” with husband Oleg Vinnik was returning from the Dominican Republic in Moscow. At the airport, the pair discovered that one of the suitcases was missing. Apparently, Oleg’s stuff by mistake not been sent together with the flight, that sometimes happens in air ports. However, it is possible and that the Luggage was stolen by unknown persons. In this case, spouses will have to apply to the police for trial.

      Katya discouraged by the incident. It is quite strongly expressed about the loss on his page in Instagram. Fans of Zsuzsa supported the girl. It turned out that many of them were in similar situations. Basically, we all have baggage after a certain time was.

      “I also lost a suitcase in the Dominican Republic, returned in four days, Yes, you will find Your suitcase, maybe by mistake on another flight came. I am the employee of the airport, it often happens in my practice, And why valuable items put in a bag that seems? All valuables should always be in hand Luggage to take”, “we Have been so. Left Luggage is in another city. When he returned, half of the items was not”, “we, I remember, once opened and half the stuff was stolen,and the suitcase then was very seedy , and things dig it”, “It I had the same thing, cursing. Then the Luggage arrived on the next flight! Brought to the house. Thank God, nothing was missing,” he shared his stories fans of Zsuzsa.
      Мужа Кати Жужи обворовали

      We will remind, Katya with her husband and daughter arranged a romantic stay in the Dominican Republic. The couple chose Punta Cana is a resort area located on the Atlantic coast.

      Most of the time the family spent on the beach. Daily Katya sharing a bright photo in his microblog. She posed in various bikini and pareo.

      Kate Susan effectively stripped in the Dominican Republic

      Unlike his wife, Oleg Vinnik – not a public person and is not registered in social networks. “All the ladies who are trying to find the page my husband in Instagram. I’ll have to disappoint you – he’s not here! And never will be!”, – stopped once all attempts to ask girls to get to know her pious telediva.

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