Екатерина Климова не боится сравнений с повзрослевшей дочерью The actress and her successor showed the same swimwear. Ekaterina Klimova surprised fans photos from the rest of Northern Spain. The star called a true example of femininity.

      Looking for Ekaterina Klimova hard to imagine that she has a grown daughter. The actress looks so young and fresh that 14-year-old Lisa they can be called more sisters. The star is proud of his heir and is glad that she is growing into a real beauty.

      In proof, Catherine often publishes jointly with daughter photos. In the last picture, which the artist published on Instagram, Lisa posing next to her mother in the same swimwear different colors. Their bodies are smeared with mud. Fans of the stars admire the family tandem. They note that both persons of the fair sex chiseled figure.

      “Beauty does not obscure! Chrysalis our you, girls, Like sisters! And be careful with mud. They contain Rodon, so they can keep not more than 15 minutes and not put on the heart”, “I’m a fan of your work, Catherine! You are extraordinary! The model of femininity”, “Mother like daughter and like mother like daughter,” commented the star of her followers.

      It is interesting that Catherine and Elizabeth are friendly to such an extent that the daughter often wears things actress, and mother is heiress to a fashion expert. “Until recently, Lisa strongly disliked everything I bought her. Now she is grown up and wearing my things, the things we choose together. I’m glad she has her own taste. When she slowly began to paint my cosmetics, I did not prevent. Just remind her that you need to know the measure,” said Catherine.

      At this moment Klimova is resting with family and friends in the North of Spain. The company the actress is her colleague Evelina Bledans. The actress stayed at the complex, located in the resort town of Torrevieja, which is famous among tourists stunning beach areas. Featuring stars pool, hot tub, saunas, tennis courts, sun terraces, children’s Playground and a fitness club.

      Klimova and Bledans flashed figures in Spain

      Friend with kids not only swim and sunbathe, but also actively visited local attractions. A photo Bledans and Klimova in bathing suits, which they published in social media, has made social media a real furor. “Girls kubasaki,” wrote Evelyn in his microblog. Fans celebrities have found that they are in excellent shape.

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