Natalia Bochkareva declassified the elect

Наталья Бочкарева рассекретила своего избранника The actress went to Cannes film festival in a leading company TNT Alexander Kononenko. In the framework of the show Natalia will present her debut directorial work “Free day”. The star reported that a young man came to her support, however, according to eyewitnesses, the couple behaved like lovers.

      Наталья Бочкарева рассекретила своего избранника

      For a long time Natalia Bochkareva was busy working on the film “Free day”. This film was the debut picture of the star as a Director. She introduced the mystical drama of the Moscow public in April, and now we went to show short film at Cannes. On the Cote d’azur Natalia went along with Alexander Kononenko, the host of the show “SHKOLA remonta on TNT”.

      “Alexander came with me to support me. And that to me is very necessary. I was at the Cannes film festival, but as a guest. This time I am a participant, I admit, and it’s a different feeling. The excitement is, because my painting will appreciate,” – said Bochkarev.

      The pair appeared together at the premiere screenings of the festival: Natalia and Alexander appreciated a new picture of Pedro Almodovar “Juliet” and enjoyed the creation of Andrea Arnold’s “American honey”. The rest of the time lovers having fun at parties that are organized on the coast for guests at the Cannes film festival.

      Unlike his girlfriend Kononenko does not hide feelings. In social networks, young people often wrote about love to the actress. “It never ceases to amaze talents. Outdoor movie screening “Free day” from now and Director Natalia Bochkareva, exhibition of paintings, written by her for 15 years. Thank you, my dear, for the incredible atmosphere, exquisite paintings, and, of course, the film, which touched to the quick,” wrote Alexander in Instagram after the premiere of the picture “Free day” in Moscow.

      Наталья Бочкарева рассекретила своего избранника

      Bochkarev explained that the trip to Cannes primarily serves as a source of inspiration. “Everything that’s going on here, stirs my imagination. After all, I meet interesting people, watch exciting movies. By the way, we plan to stay until the closing of the festival”, – told the star

      According to Natalia, she will continue to try myself as a Director. It is assumed that the following picture of a star is not so grim. “Comedy I feel very good, although it’s one thing to star in it, and another thing to remove. I wanted to try something serious- mystical drama. I tried in his first work, the short film to Express what I care about” – so Bochkarev explained the “StarHit” style your canadabut.

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