Catherine Gordon bought a new apartment

Екатерина Гордон купила новую квартиру The singer and the lawyer became the owner of three-pointers. In the near future in the new nest Gordon will start undergoing renovations, and while she and her son are preparing to move. Catherine happy that we were able to afford such a significant purchase.

      Екатерина Гордон купила новую квартиру

      Case Catherine Gordon, the founder of the company legal and psychological protection Saferoom, as well as singer and author of songs for many Russian stars, apparently, go up the hill. Recently, the celebrity mother and three year old son Daniel bought the estate in the capital – the girl became the owner of a two bedroom apartment.

      “I am a Muscovite in a few generations, – said the “StarHit” Catherine. – During the Soviet Union my grandmother was engaged in the development of the South-Western district of the capital. Historically, my whole family huddled there. I also love South-West, plus I conveniently live there in terms of proximity to parents. A few years ago I bought my son a small one bedroom apartment. Now, after a few years of work on the legal path and successful sales of songs that have become hits, had the opportunity to raise the standard of living. We’re moving, selling a one-bedroom apartment in a two-bedroom. On the nose the repair – for me it’s hell…”

      Catherine is already looking for a team that could make its future home in the classic English style. “I chose it because London is a Bastion of tradition,” explains Gordon. – Gordon square – a square in London where they lived at the beginning of the 20th century the members of the group of aesthetes intellectuals. On the other hand, London is a centre close to me in spirit rock culture. That’s why I chose this direction in the interior. And the details will be in the style of glam rock”.

      Екатерина Гордон купила новую квартиру

      To repair Catherine will be her friend, designer Marina Baranova. “She gave me the concept of the apartment-style creative English intelligentsia. Now we adapt the project under a two-bedroom apartment,” – said Catherine. Buying property is not the first incident with Gordon in this year of change. Two months ago, the star has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure that helped her get rid of breathing problems caused by a deviated septum of the nose.

      Catherine Gordon had surgery on his eyes

      In early may, Gordon ventured into surgery for vision correction – a girl couldn’t live a day without using contact lenses. And in October last year, Catherine herself gave himself on the 35th anniversary of the expensive jeep for 4 million rubles. “I am happy that over the past year, so many could afford,” says Gordon.

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