Galina Yudashkin hurries home to a very special man

Галина Юдашкина спешит домой к особенному мужчине The daughter of a famous fashion designer has posted on his page the first photo of son Anatoly in full growth. However, the boy’s face until the young mother is not showing. Near new snapshot of baby Galina left a funny signature.

      Галина Юдашкина спешит домой к особенному мужчине

      Galina Yudashkin enjoying the pleasures of motherhood. The daughter of a famous fashion designer gave birth to a son in early April at a clinic in new York. In the first days after the birth of a baby star has begun to show his photos in the microblog. First, subscribers saw the stroller Anatolia, and some time later, Galina showed the tiny hand of his son. Today Yudashkin decided to post a picture of a boy in full growth, which caused excitement among the fans.

      On the new frame the baby lying on her tummy, surrounded by pillows. The boy wearing overalls with the inscription “Anatoly” on the back. The person of the son Yudashkin is hiding. “It’s nice to come home, when waiting for such a man!”, – so Galina calls her first-born son.

      Subscribers will page young moms showered her a nice review. “How cute!”, “What’s your all beautiful! Tastefully toddler dresses”, “Already trying to crawl!”, – wrote women.

      By the way, Galina hopes to soon regain a slender figure.

      “So, I started my postpartum recovery. I said: eat what you want and then lose weight. As a result, gained 20 pounds in pregnancy. I didn’t think it would be so hard to drop those extra pounds. At the moment left to lose 10. My pre-pregnancy weight – 43 kgs. Decided to start with functional training on air, plus the correct, balanced diet and special massage. Their results are going to write every week,” – such record has appeared on the page of Yudashkina last week.

      To get rid of excess weight, she began to eat special products. “My coach has developed for me the power supply system which is composed taking into account my height and weight. 4 meals a day + 4 workouts a week. Structure the layout of the Breakfast: protein + carbs + vegetable or fruit fiber + fatty component. For this Breakfast, I chose the vegetable,” said the girl other young moms on Instagram.

      The other day on channel “Home” left the program with the participation of Yudashkina “Pregnant”. Galina tells the audience about how passed all the months of waiting for a baby, and how she felt during pregnancy.

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