Настя Каменских  сбежала из больнице в гипсе
The doctors allowed the singer to lead a normal life.

Three and a half weeks Nastya Kamensky spent in hospital
the house. After the accident (during a jump is not opened
parachute), the right leg of the singer was badly damaged and the doctors had to do multiple surgeries to save her. But now it was over and she was allowed to go home. However,
a few months Kamensky will have
to wear a cast and walk with crutches: but it’s the singer not afraid. More
also, Nastia and her colleagues in the group “Potap and Nastya” is scheduled several performances in the fall. “We have At
will the tour. Here, discussed how effectively will look my dance on one
leg — says Kamensky. — Oh,
feel naseema all.

in mid-July, the soloist of the duet “Potap and Nastya” during the jump parachute did not open. “The first part of the flight was perfect! Well,
then the parachute caught the air stream and never opened. In the moment when you’re on
the spare wheel on the way down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t
to stop the fall or delay the time — told the singer that
happened. — Suffered a right leg, but
a huge thank you to my instructor, who in time responded, and I left

Of course, deciding to jump with a parachute, Nastya did not even
thought that this adventure will end in a fracture. “Friends! Not all dreams need
to carry out in life,” concluded the incident from the singer.

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