Банд"Эрос «изобразили» Aфрику в Митинском парке
In the new video the group had filmed the hippopotamus.

Банд"Эрос «изобразили» Aфрику в Митинском парке

the frame of the clip

Passers-by, strolling recently in Moscow Mitinskaya
Park was shocked to see in the capital
painted Africans playing on long horns “didgeridoo”. As it turned out, this band’eros group shot
her new video for the track “Not what you think”.

“This is the people’s
the South African song” — joke artists. — We ask it a question and immediately
answer it yourself. That’s what longer Africans? No, not what you
thought! Summer — that’s what!.. But for recording songs and shooting the video we
learned a lot of answers to this question. Some can write more
a couple of songs!”

Банд"Эрос «изобразили» Aфрику в Митинском парке

the shooting of the video for the track “Not what you thought”

Except for Africans, the video featured a large number
the characters, including even some animals. By the way, in the second half of the clip
told and illustrated mini-history, with the role of the protagonist in which
did one of the friends group actor Victor “Breeze”
Glushko. In one of days of shooting the actors and film crew got into a real
storm with rain, wind, thunderstorm and hail the size of quail eggs. Due
what dosemki had to move, so as not to risk the lives of the participants
process. And, according to the group, during the filming none of the Hippo


Photo: press-service of band’eros

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