Развод довел Лизу Марию Пресли до больницы
The daughter of Elvis Presley hard collapse of her fourth marriage.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The only daughter of the legendary
singer Elvis Presley was recently hospitalized. She was admitted to an exclusive clinic for the rich and famous, where a month of treatment costs nearly half a million dollars. But the chances of 48-year-old Lisa Maria to return to normal life look before it is too optimistic. “I can’t just abandon drugs and pills. Because then I would not be able to survive!” – honestly admitted his daughter Presley in one of his interviews. Last fall, her hard-saved after the overdose. And all this time she was trying to keep his addiction under control. But after in June of this year, Lisa and her husband,
guitarist Michael Lockwood, announced the divorce, Lisa again, “he snapped.

Apparently, Michael something was seriously offended her. In his statement as the reason for the divorce, she
stated “irreconcilable differences” and said that categorically refuses to pay child support Lockwood married. Besides
well, Lisa’s asking for sole custody of seven-year-old daughters-twins
Finley and Harper. Moreover, it requires that the ex-wife of the father of the girls, was allowed to see them only under her supervision. It’s good that Lisa at the time, attended and concluded with Michael a prenup, so his claim to her solid state, she was spared.

However, Lisa really hard going through the current divorce: it was the fourth of her marriage, and she was assigned to him a special
hope… the first time she married musician Danny Keogh in 1988. With him
together, she raised a daughter Riley and son Ben. They’ve lasted 12 years
then still got divorced. Second marriage to Lisa was very strange: she became the wife of Michael Jackson! Officially, they were only married for two years
and, as argued, their relationship ended
just three months later. The third time Lisa married Nicolas cage –
desperate fan art of her father. The marriage lasted only two years.

Therefore, met Lockwood and happily lived with him for several years, daughter of Presley decided
I found finally on the fourth attempt, his only. Alas… Friends Lisa Maria feared she may not survive
of that frustration.

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