Nastya Kamensky boasted spectacular mother

Настя Каменских похвасталась эффектной мамой Recently, the celebrity mother celebrated his birthday. The actress congratulated Lydia Petrovna of this happy event, and also admitted his love for her. Fans Kamensky believe that the mother of the star looks great.

      Настя Каменских похвасталась эффектной мамой

      Recently, 29-year-old singer Nastya Kamensky noted a special day – the birthday of his mother.In Instagram the actress shared with fans a photo of Lydia Petrovna, and also admitted his love for her. According to Nastia, her mother is a wonderful character.

      It should be noted that Kamensky rarely shares with followers pictures of the parents, therefore, its publication caused a great stir.

      “The other day my mom had a birthday! She’s so kind and beautiful. Love,” – said Kamensky in the microblog.

      Subscribers singer joined in congratulating the stars, wishing Lydia Petrovna health, long life and all the best. They also found that Anastasia is a copy of his mother. “That’s why curly hair”, “You are so beautiful”, “Very similar”, “You give the impression of girlfriends,” wrote the followers Kamensky. In addition, the majority of fans of celebrities agreed that Lidia looks amazing. “Attractive woman with charm”, “What is young” – discussed by fans of Anastasia.

      Recall that Lidia Kamensky also a recording artist. A woman sang in the National academic folk choir named after G. Veryovka. As for the father of the star, Alexei I. – the ex-captain of “Dynamo” in volleyball, he also served as concert Director of the art collective, where he worked mother of a celebrity.

      Kamensky I am certain that the success she owes the native people, had never ceased to support it. The mother and father of the stars taught her to strict discipline and were taught the basics of proper distribution of time.

      In interviews Kamensky also told that as a child she lived a wealthy life – sometimes Nastia’s parents didn’t even have enough money for warm clothing for the daughter. In such cases, we had to ask for things from relatives. However, the family did everything possible to be the next celebrity to freely realize their abilities and personality. Under the influence of Lydia Petrovna and Alexei I. she began to study music – play piano and take vocal lessons. By the way, other children’s Hobbies of Nasti – ballet and tennis.