Maria Zakharova shared a very personal frame

Мария Захарова поделилась очень личным кадром The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry reminded of the happy day. Exactly 11 years ago the woman married her chosen. The celebration took place in new York, which at the time worked as a diplomat.

      Мария Захарова поделилась очень личным кадром

      About the personal life of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova is little known. A woman is married for 11 years, and she has a daughter Mariana. The social network Ambassador shared a picture taken on her wedding day. On pictures Zakharov sitting in a white car. In one hand, the bride holds a neat bouquet of roses. The dress and the hairstyle is very difficult to consider, but visible ornament of pearls on the neck of Mary, and long white gloves to the elbow.

      “Exactly 11 years ago in new York. Now I weigh less, know more, but most importantly, I learned to love. The bouquet has not got to anybody. In new York I worked. Husband domestic. Arrived, got married, left”, – has signed a snapshot Zakharova.
      Мария Захарова поделилась очень личным кадром

      Members of the foreign Ministry representative could not leave without attention such a bright image, because, as a rule, woman is divided into the page of photos from work trips. “In the photo you look like an American, posing for the cover of an expensive magazine. Beautiful and mysterious! This is the beauty that makes to look,” “Mary, my sincere congratulations on anniversary! Photo and text support to it – super!”, “You’re so pretty! You should recover, although such a job is probably difficult. You look very tired now”, “Masha, with a steel anniversary! Let your Union only grows stronger!”, “You are gorgeous! Do not get tired to admire you! Beautiful face and soul of Russian diplomacy!”, – wrote in the comments of the users of the network.

      Maria Zakharova admired not only in Russia but also abroad. The woman perfectly knows Chinese and English, which helps her in international negotiations. Representative government is considered one of the most quoted diplomats. Zakharova also included in the top ten media rating of Russian women for the year of occurrence in the national media.

      The wedding of the representative of the foreign Ministry came at a time when she spent three years acting press Secretary of the Russian Permanent mission to the United Nations in new York. According to some, Zakharova husband’s name is Andrew. The Network sometimes flashed pictures of their daughter Marianna, but she Zakharov tries not to dwell on his family life.