Participant of “House-2” Marina Mexico harshly criticized the draft

Участница «Дома-2» Марина Мексика жестко раскритиковала проект The finalist of the project “Dom-2. The island of love” believes that girls are wrong to behave. Mexico has closely followed the second season of the program. According to the striking brunette, the esters from the Seychelles even interesting to watch because of the passive behavior of the participants.

      Mexico came back with the show “Dom-2. The island of love” and decided to settle on the Meadow of the project. The last broadcast from the Seychelles, which was attended by members of telestroke, caused resentment among girls. In this heavenly place on the ocean recently kicked off the second season of the project. Some participants, experienced all the difficulties of the struggle for the heart of men, remained on the show to charm three young people has become the new bachelors. In Mexico’s view, the second part of the project look quite interesting.

      “Rita Kern today almost fell from Olympus, he learned to speak the island. Well, what can you say about the second season: I have not changed – it is a real shame! The only thing the girls did, it gave our guys in the hands of the first season, there is no struggle, there is no clear positions. In short, mumble. On the show none of the girls are unable to defend yourself as a worthy person,” the girl noted in the microblog.

      She noted that new participants behave too naive and provocative. One of the three singles became the charismatic Arthur, for the attention which is fighting the inmates in the Seychelles. “Take turns jumping into bed with Arthur, in the hope that someone he Yes jerks! And Arthur – the real man who is not going to waste your time, which really came to the draft to find one, anyone of them does not” – said the Mexico.

      Finalist of the first season supports the position of the bachelor, and the girls want to prove themselves and prove that they are worthy of nice guys who came to the Seychelles. Thanks to his charm and assertiveness, Mexico won the Alexander Zadoinov. She always tried to surprise the chosen one. “I did for Sasha a romantic surprise, posted letters the phrase “Trust me!” and set fire to it. It’s very memorable. When Sasha and I first started Dating, we had a very nice date at the top of the mountain where we could see the incredible landscape. And the parachute jump, of course, is struck,” said a striking brunette in an interview with “StarHit”. Mexico on Zagainova: “the more we fought, the more I pulled for him”