Tutta Larsen gave the children a special holiday

Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

  • Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

    Tutta Larsen with daughter Martha

  • Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

    Tutta glad that I gave the kids these holidays

  • Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

    The children got great pleasure from visiting the Park

  • Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

    Martha became interested in the art of pottery

  • Тутта Ларсен устроила детям особые каникулы

    Petting zoo children with

  • Larsen believes that children should learn through exciting excursions

TV and radio presenter tutta Larsen has three children – 11-year-old Luke, six year old daughter Martha and year-old son Ivan. This year she decided to arrange for their children unusual and informative vacation. To stay mother of many children chose the ethnographic Park, in which are presented the culture and traditions of different countries.

“Everything related to learning and knowledge must be children interested in the joy – shared leading with “StarHit”. – I specifically chose a place to rest where you can breathe fresh air, relax and learn something new in a playful way. For example, the Park has a wildlife Museum, this is a real pin mini-zoo, where the children were able to hold a live snake, lizards and socialize with other animals. It was a complete delight!”

Together with children tutta three days fully immersed in the atmosphere of the Park-Museum “ETNOMIR”, tried cakes from the world’s largest Russian stove has attended the traditional dwellings of the different countries represented in the Park, and together with her daughter Martha was a master-class in pottery.

The presenter copes with three children and manages to give each of them enough attention. “It often happens that the older children take a parent resource, because they have school, classes, adolescence. Gets a little physically because he’s always hanging over you. But the average child does not get enough attention. Sometimes it happens that the day ends, everyone goes to brush their teeth, and I realize that I didn’t even ask Martha how she was doing, and kissed her on the cheek, because I’m struggling with the boys. But she gets all the same attention and admiration of others, and she uses it skillfully. Such a real little woman in this issue,” admitted Larsen in an interview with “StarHit”.

Tutta Larsen: “In our family everything revolves around children”