Nastasya Samburski spoke harshly about the care of “Uni”

Настасья Самбурская жестко высказалась об уходе из «Универа» The actress will no longer play a role, which brought her popularity. Nastasya Samburski explained its decision to all fans. Fans wished the artist continued success in other projects.

      The actress Nastassja Samburski the whole country knew the role of Christine in the youth series “Univer. New Dorm”. Despite the fact that this role brought the actress fame, she announced her departure from the project. Nastasia explained why he made that decision. She told me that she now feels in connection with the departure from the project.

      “Were you acquainted with my character Christine for five years. He worked faithfully until, you know, not over my love for this character. It’s always difficult to leave from their homes into the unknown. But no amount of money will save if you go to work, as hard labor, with a sour face, marring his view of the mood of those around them,” wrote Samburski.

      Fans were literally shocked that their beloved actress leaves the show. They were extremely disappointed with this news. “I’m sorry… You played just great! Liked it couple Christine and Anton. Creative success. Rejoice us on their talents, what with a couple of Anton and Christina? My favorite pair! And it disintegrated. You’re hurting me. Then generally it is necessary to close the series, Only for you looking. It is a pity, when from the mother series takes at least a native actor. Akin already like someone and family members died. And I never see there. Very sad. Tears are rolling like a darling person,” he wrote to fans of Nastasia.

      The actress thanked producers who chose her for this role, as well as all the camera crew with whom she worked for several years. However, it now intends to develop his career further.

      “Now I’m going to prove that Univer – not my ceiling. And greetings to you beloved tabloids. If you want to continue to lie that I was kicked out for my behavior, after an argument with the producers, etc., then please note that my character from the show taken out long enough that in acute conflict. Therefore, gentlemen concludes that this was done in advance and by mutual consent. Thank you. The series continues, and Christine was sent to the city Lobnya, Tver region,” – wrote in the microblog Samburski.