Galkin Pugacheva asks to return to the stage for money

Галкин просит Пугачеву вернуться на сцену из-за денег

As they say insiders, the comedian is not short of funds to keep the castle in the village of Mud.

We all know that Maxim Galkin works tirelessly. He constantly toured in Russia, the leads of the show on the First channel, and more recently he gave a big concert in Moscow “Crocus city Hall”. There is an artist, and admitted that he persuades his wife to return to the stage…

“Say Hello all the time: “Come sing, come sing! One thing I advocate, and the other you. Well this is completely different money!” – said Maxim.

Some, of course, taken the words of the showman as a joke. And the other is seriously concerned about the financial situation in his family. Especially in the country came the crisis and to tighten their belts have not only ordinary workers, but also a celebrity. In addition, the costs from Alla and Maxim, anyway, not small…

Alla Pugacheva, according to some estimates, receives a pension of no more than 20 thousand rubles. While the contents of the castle in the village of Dirt and household services cost them Galkin in perfect a different amount… For the castle they have a monthly pay 130 thousand rubles for the pool in the mansion – 105 thousand roubles, and also for the salary of the guards and servants out of 180 thousand rubles, and on a private French kindergarten Harry and Lisa are about 600 thousand rubles, writes the edition “”.

However, Alla Borisovna, it seems, to the words of the spouse listens. This year for the first time in many years began to sing at the banquets of the oligarchs, and recently even recorded a new album of 30 compositions. Long-term plans, the artist does not build, but often attends social events (see her photo at the fashion show Valentin Yudashkin HERE).