One of the sisters Zaitsevs was hit by a car

Одну из сестер Зайцевых сбила машина Recently, the famous singer almost got finished. Elena got in a terrible accident, from which she still can’t get over it. The police are looking for the culprit of the accident, which immediately fled the scene of the crime.

      Одну из сестер Зайцевых сбила машина

      Recently, the singer Elena Zaitseva was seriously injured. The celebrity became a victim of the dashing racers who hit it right in the yard of the artist. The woman who almost ruined Elena’s life, not even got out of the car after the incident. According to witnesses, a neighbor Zaitseva immediately fled the scene.

      “It happened in a residential complex “Crown”. Until the guard cleared the snow from the car, I stood back and waited. Suddenly there was the Audi A3, at the wheel which sat a woman, also living in this complex. She hit me so I fell on the hood. The neighbor did not even apologized and got out of the car”, – said Elena Zaitseva “StarHit”.

      After the incident, Elena immediately went to the hospital and passed all the necessary tests. The doctors found Zaitseva numerous bruises, there is also the possibility that she has a cracked rib.

      Одну из сестер Зайцевых сбила машина

      In addition, Zaitseva wrote a statement to the police. Everything was shot on cameras that are installed around the perimeter of the complex, so celebrities have irrefutable evidence of the guilt of his neighbor. Law enforcement officials immediately started investigation and search of the violator. It turned out that the unknown, hit the actress was not even in the house. It turned out that the racer was renting an apartment in this place. Zaitsev also said that the recent incident is not the first case when the woman very rudely behaves.

      “A few months ago, a neighbor almost hit my dog. Then I made a remark to her, but the woman didn’t even apologize,” – says Elena.

      Now the actress is recovering after experiencing stress. The doctors allowed the victim to return home. Elena come every day and the doctor who does the procedure. The woman still can’t recover from the shock. She began to suffer from insomnia. Tatiana Zaitseva is trying to help his sister.

      By the way, not so long ago sisters Zaytsev had another unpleasant incident. This summer, robbed the house of the singer in Cyprus. Thieves have taken a large sum of money and jewelry. Tatiana Zaitseva, appeared on the scene, experienced a real shock. The woman said “StarHit” that the thieves most likely acted on a tip. The house of the sisters Zaitsevs robbed in Cyprus