Настасья Шубская решилась на особое преображение перед свадьбой The bride-Alexander Ovechkin is undergoing rejuvenation treatments. Nastassja Subsky these days is in Moscow, where he spent time perfecting his beauty. The girl attends a beauty clinic in the heart of the capital.

      The daughter of a famous film Director Vera Glagoleva, 22-year-old Nastassja Subsky is preparing soon to marry his chosen one, 30-year-old hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. Marriage proposal from her beloved, the girl got last fall, and since then the couple began to prepare for the celebration. However, the date of the wedding, Anastasia and Alexander prefer not to name publicly, only indirectly implying that important event in their life is not far off.

      These days, for example, Anastasia Subsky focused on their appearance. After a family vacation in the company of the bridegroom and his parents in Italy, she came to Moscow. Alexander Ovechkin met with the parents of the bride before the wedding

      In the capital, she visited a beauty clinic, restoring the skin after the hot sun of the Peninsula. However, in the nearest plans of Anastasia and rejuvenating body treatments.

      “Today was in the clinic of aesthetic cosmetology, told subscribers microblog Subsky. – Made ultrasonic cleaning, moisturizing serum and facial massage. Next time you go on a massage and body wrap!”

      Daughter Vera Glagoleva her fans think is the epitome of femininity and beauty. Anastasia Subsky often get compliments from people on social networks, claiming that her face is perfect and body proportions are perfect. Representatives of the stronger sex, of course, look at the beautiful Subsky. However, it has already made its choice. With Nastia such a man, to compete with which is useless.

      Recall that Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky romantically involved, became known in March last year. As told in one television interview, Anastasia, her parents at first reacted cautiously to the novel with a famous hockey player. But there was just one telephone conversation with Ovechkin to Vera Glagoleva realized that this is our guy. While Alexander Ovechkin addresses to the future mother-in-law and father-in-law by name and patronymic – Vera Vitalyevna and Kirill, but I promise after the wedding and the wedding to name his wife’s parents mom and dad. Obviously, also in relation to the parents of her lover will arrive and Anastasia Sumska, which has long moved to her lover to America, where he plays in the team Washington Capitals.

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