Экс-участница «Дома-2» беременна от мужа, который жестоко ее избивал Life Victoria Parnikovoy changed radically. According to the profile of the ex-star telestroke, she doted in his elect Leonid Blasinska. A little over a year ago the girl the whole country was said that the man beat her half to death.

      In June last year, the whole country discussed the scandal that happened with one of the participants of the popular reality show “Dom-2”. Bernikov Vic appeared on the program “live” and in paints told about how roommate Leonid Plasynski beat her half to death. As evidence of the girl was shown photos in which her face is covered with bruises and hematomas.

      Now Parnikovoy life has changed radically. Outwardly, the girl just don’t know she shines with happiness. With her still Plasynski, which seems to have made himself a different attitude to his beloved. Ex-member of telestroke calls the elect not only as “my life”. She wrote him a laudatory posts on his page in Instagram. However, the main proof of love couples is the pregnancy of Victoria.

      Friends and former colleagues in the project, I congratulate the girl with the upcoming replenishment. She does not hide rounded tummy from the public. Some time ago Bernikov even hinted at the sex of the baby. “Waiting for your love, is the only man who never will betray and will close, the son is happiness,” – she wrote in microblogging. Groupies girls regarded it as the news that she’s expecting a boy.

      We will remind, for the happiness of Victoria had to pay a very high price. The girl was one of the most striking and interesting participants “House-2”. So for fans of Victoria the big surprise was the news of her departure. As it turned out, Bernikov left the project for a new love outside the perimeter. Later, the girl admitted that relations with Leonid Plasynski nearly cost her her life.

      Participant of “House-2” Bernikov Vic had two major operations

      In the broadcast of the popular talk show, Victoria talked about the fact that her boyfriend was extremely cruel man. At some point she stopped communicating, and as described later, all the while the man kept her at home and beaten. One of the participants of the program Irina Agibalova wrote in his Instagram after the broadcast shocking details from the life of Victoria.

      Discuss Vika Bernikova. Her young man beaten brutally and forcibly kept at home to Rostov. The cruelty of this man knows no bounds! In front of Vicki, she said, he killed a small dog! The corpse of a poor animal a few days lying in the package in the apartment,” – shared the star of “House-2”.

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