Ольга Бузова проявляет железную хватку в отношениях с мужем TV presenter admits that she has to take the initiative in their hands. So, at the time, Olga Buzova first confessed his love for his elect, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, and absolutely does not regret.

      Olga Buzova admits that many have achieved in life itself. Famous TV presenter, has made a career without the patronage of influential persons, she won the love of millions of fans with his hard work and openness.

      Active life position of the stars has played a positive role in her relationship with lover, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Olga admits that she is an impulsive person. Our emotion, Buzova contributed to the fact that her affair with her lover came to a new serious level.

      “I think we should follow our impulses. I first admitted to Dima in love, and absolutely do not regret it. He gently replied, “me too”, but I still caution found that “too”. Actions always speaks louder than words, but the girls are such girls,” says Olga.

      Determination of Olga is not limited to confessions. Relationship leading “House-2” and her lover was developing so rapidly that she did not hesitate, went on a trip abroad after her beloved.

      “A month after we met, he flew to Stuttgart for an operation on his knee. I saw him off at the airport, and the next day flew to him, because he wanted to be there and support him,” says the star.

      It is worth noting that the couple have been happily married for years. A Buzova and Tarasova on social networks follow millions of users. Fans have affectionately nicknamed the couple “tarabotti”. It seems that the husband and wife loved each other. They spend all their free time together.

      Olga Buzova revealed the secret of family happiness

      Meanwhile, the joint lives of stars began again with the filing of Olga. She at some point decided for himself that it is time to move in with my beloved man. I must say that Dmitry’s mother supported her future daughter and even carefully prepared for her Slippers.

      “On March 18, he celebrated a birthday and officially introduced me to friends as his girlfriend. Then I thought it would be much easier if my stuff was in his apartment for a few trips, my mom moved all his belongings, and three years Dima huddled in his bachelor apartment. I am very grateful to his family who so warmly welcomed me. When I moved to the dime, there I was waiting for Slippers, bought by his mom. And I was very lucky that I found her father and received his blessing”, – says Buzova in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

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