Наоми Кэмпбелл признала свой роман с молодым репером
The model shared a racy photo.

Photo: Instagram

New the Naomi Campbell, which she placed on
the page with the social network, has caused rough reaction of her fans. The fact that
the model shared a rather piquant frame for which she posed
Topless pressed against his chest naked to the waist black young
person. Although individuals couple the frame is not visible, fans easily identified partner
47-year-old Naomi — according to his tattoos. They found 35-year-old rapper Joseph
Junior Adenuga who under the pseudonym Skepta. Therefore, Campbell made clear that Skepta — indeed her new boyfriend. As a result, those fans of Campbell, who like the rapper, I was glad for Naomi. And “haters” Skepti alarmed, fearing that he might break the heart of the model.

Incidentally, a few hours before Naomi shared another
a picture in which she, too, was with Steptoe, and there were visible, their
person. And she Naomi Flirty posing in shorts line, which produces
rapper. However, later, Naomi decided to remove this frame.

Rumors that Naomi
Dating a rapper who is 12 years younger than her, appeared in the last
month. Naomi and Scepta then seen together at least twice, they
partied together at two separate parties, timed to coincide with fashion Week in Paris.
As witnessed guests of events, Campbell and her new boyfriend
shy in showing affection to each other.

One of the girlfriends of 47-year-old
Campbell said that the novel Naomi and Scepta began in the fall. In
October, the rapper shared with fans joint with Campbell photo supplied
the “Emoji” in the form of hearts. In addition, in every interview he’s not
the opportunity to Express our admiration to the address of Naomi