Правнука Никиты Михалкова назвали греческим именем
The youngest heir to a famous dynasty was born a week ago.

Правнука Никиты Михалкова назвали греческим именем

Nikita Mikhalkov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Photo: Instagram

Last week it became known that Nikita Mikhalkov first became a great-grandfather. Such a gift to the Day of defender of the Fatherland gave him granddaughter Alexandra, daughter of Stepan Mikhalkov. The girl does not like to talk about his personal life and tries to stay away from so-called “secular parties”. The public about the new addition to the famous family told the newly minted grandfather.

“When the daughter gives birth to a grandbaby I can not help Recalling moments from the recent past. It seems that the recent…” — commented Stepan.

He told the world and how the family decided to name the newborn. It turned out, the boy was given name of Greek origin, but very common in our country as a genre. The choice was not random: all of the Mikhalkov family is very religious. Is the name of the heir of the dynasty was in honor of the Holy Righteous warrior Fyodor Ushakov, canonized in 2000.

Shortly before the birth of Sasha Mikhalkova officially registered the relationship with the father of her child, Peter Skvortsov, star of the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice.” Now young parents fully immersed in caring for the baby. They decided to care for him the first time without using relatives and professional nurses.

“Sasha is doing great, she’s a natural mom! — said Stepan “Starhit”. — Hands I haven’t kept, and the emotions experienced are: remembered as the birth of my first child, and it was Sasha. I then cried in the hospital. Her son was also like her and daddy.”