«Мой малыш!» — Кристина Асмус трогательно поздравила мужа с днем рождения
Garik Kharlamov was 37.

Kristina Asmus, Garik Kharlamov

Before Garik Kharlamov was 37. The wife of a resident
Comedy club Kristina Asmus congratulated touching husband not only personally, but in
social networks. Artists have been married for five years, raising four-year-old daughter,
but still going through the honeymoon period and do not hide tender feelings
each other.

“Today is the birthday of my very close person, —
wrote the actress in the microblog. — My best and reliable friend,
an ideal husband and father, the most talented comedian in the country and the best
and the coolest person I know! Garik, my love… We have been together for almost 6
years, but every day I open you in new ways. You are able to surprise, you know
to love, know how to take care of, to hear and accept… You care about everything that is important
I… Thank you, you make me the happiest! I’m proud of you! Always
close by and always for you! Happy birthday! I love you, my baby!”

It is worth noting that Christine is still on was the first
congratulated the comedian on the holiday. The first was… himself. Rather, as expressed
Garik, “his alter ego.”

“Well, I turned 37. I was born on 28 February 1981.
So, I think it would be appropriate that the first congratulating me! — wrote
Garik. — Dear Igor Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov! From your alter ego
I want to congratulate you on 38 years of life on planet Earth. I want to wish you
health, happiness and success. To family and friends healthy and
happy. To all of your friends were in abundance. To the people on earth lived
happily, that would be all for people doing robots, and people just had to eat.
And then on the background of all people would be thin! For SIM otklanivayus and will want to come back
back to the part of the brain that is responsible for the alter ego. All the best to you. With