Nanny-killer Bobokulov publicly repented of his actions

Няня-убийца Бобокулова публично раскаялась в содеянном Journalists report that a native of Uzbekistan who have committed a violent crime, exercised their right to have the last word. The woman turned to the mother of the dead girl and asked for her forgiveness.

      Няня-убийца Бобокулова публично раскаялась в содеянном

      The whole country still can not forget the death of four girls from the hands of his nanny. At the moment on the intruder is a lawsuit. During the meeting, for the murder of Gulchehra Bobokulov exercised their right to have the last word. Journalists report that a woman apologized to Catherine meshcheriakova – the mother of the deceased child. From Babakulova that she was remorseful.

      Relatives of a nanny-killer bought the apartment, where the tragedy occurred

      “I’m sorry, Katya. I was seriously ill” – such were the last words of the nurse-killer.

      According to journalists, the judge will announce the verdict Babakulova November 24.

      Previously, the due diligence has recognized Gulchehra Bobokulov insane. The woman had a mental problem: it consisted on the account at the psychiatrist in Samarkand. The doctors gave Babakulova the diagnosis of “acute schizophrenic disorder.” Note that most often it manifests itself in middle age. Patients suffer delusional and hallucinatory disorders, they also appear obsessions. In addition, the patients formed a distorted thinking.

      Gulchehra Bobokulov is accused under article “Obviously untrue report on explosion”, “Deliberate destruction of another’s property by an arson” and “Murder juvenile”. The investigation of the murder of the child was a few months. The total damage from the actions of the nurse were evaluated by the Prosecutor’s office of six million rubles.

      At the end of October Khoroshevsky court of Moscow began consideration of the case Babakulova on the merits. One of the first meetings, the sitter pleaded guilty in court and agreed with the prosecution. Nothing more then the woman spoke. Journalists were also informed that judicial proceedings related to the interrogation of Catherine and Vladimir Mesheryakov, will pass in the closed mode.

      In late November, the Prosecutor of the court where the case is heard against the nanny-killer, asked to be relieved Bobokulov from criminal liability. According to him, the woman was insane and not aware of their actions. Therefore, Gulchehra ask you to send for treatment in the hospital, reports

      Recall that the murder of four-year Anastasia meshcheriakova occurred February 29, 2016 in Moscow. A native of Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov was hired by the girl’s parents to look after her. The child, who was in the care of a nanny, were previously diagnosed with perinatal CNS damage and edema-brain swelling. Anastasia could not move independently, and therefore needed constant care. The parents of the beheaded girl was fighting for her life before the tragedy