Aziz strongly criticized the vocals of Olga Buzova

Азиза жестко раскритиковала вокал Ольги Бузовой The former participant of “the Voice” is outraged that new song leading “House-2” became one of the most downloaded on the Network. According to Aziza, the composition Buzova far from real music. The girl also said that she was scared for the people who listen to similar tracks.

      Азиза жестко раскритиковала вокал Ольги Бузовой

      New song by Olga Buzova “the sounds of kisses” in a short time has occupied the first positions in the charts of the Russian iTunes. The composition of the presenter managed to overtake sonudtrack for the series “C” and also the art of Svetlana Loboda, the group Filatov & Karas, Calvin Harris and Jean Ghalib. Leading does not hide his joy about the incident. Buzova recently published a post on Instagram in which he thanked fans. “My favorite people! Everyone who supports me and shakes my single. There are no words to describe my gratitude to you. Each person hugged me and said thank you. We hold on first place in iTunes for a second day! And this is our first victory,” shared Olga.

      Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

      However, not everyone shares the joy of victory together with Buzova. Aziz, a former member of the project “the Voice”, criticized the work of leading. The girl was surprised that the songs of the stars “House-2” enjoyed such great popularity. According to the artist, they are far from the real quality music. Like already said Aziz, filled the airs. At the same time she stresses that he has nothing against Olga Buzova.

      “This… in the first place! What should happen to people listening to normal music?! Millions of people are downloading it… I Have no problem with the “House-2″, I have included a background of many years of habit, and Yes, I’m not ashamed! But to hear and download that’s the kind of song I’m just wild shock. And it’s not the Olga Buzova, she wanted, and sang like a million Naousa singers, and rightly so, and well done! In another case. People it downloads, and it’s scary… People really get pleasure from such music and sound,” commented Aziz in his microblog.

      According to the artist, now a lot of interesting and talented singers with good songs that just can’t get. “They have no such reach… the same artists from “the Voice”, many of them very interesting stuff, and cool voices! But on the radio keep telling them that they are not format. Well “this” sort of songs, of course, superformat! Will never be better,” said Aziz.

      Members of the singer agreed with her. “That is true, Yes, it’s not the artist. The scary thing is that this format, like the millions”, “it is Very sad that people do not cherish their “memory” and allow these songs to get into the head”, “I’ve always wondered this,” discussed the followers of Aziza. One of podeschi girls noticed that people are lazy by nature and consume what they are given, instead of looking for something new. The former participant of “the Voice” agreed with her. “I was just talking about it!” – posted by Aziz.