Song Buzova about parting with the husband topped the charts

Песня Бузовой о расставании с мужем возглавила все хит-парады

New creation presenter “the sound of kisses” for one day became more popular than the hits from the real singers.

That Olga Buzova has recorded a new song, was known last week. The broadcaster “passed” girlfriend Daria Pynzar. She posted a small video in which Buzova takes his new creation to my closest friends. But not only that, on this day the singer is clearly out of tune and in such a short time is hard to make out the words. One thing was clear – in the song about the breakup of two lovers.

Fans conclusion was made quickly: the lyrics are dictated by life. After all, before Olga sang about how much she loved her husband, how happy she is and stuff like that. The same mood of the new songs is quite different: “Patience is not eternal, nerves on edge…” of Course, everyone was waiting for the full version of the track to get a good listen to the words.

Yesterday finally took place the official premiere of the song, what Olga Buzova hastened to inform his fans:

“For me it’s more than just a track, in him I put all my heart and soul, wrote this morning Olga. In each of our lives there are contradictions and stupidity, which is already going to be impossible to glue your fragile and broken love. But I believe that everything that is done in your life for the better. I hope that this song will become the anthem of couples who will keep their pure love, despite all the hardships of a relationship, and will carry her through life.”

What happened next, except a miracle will not name. During the day, the song listened to and downloaded by so many people that it suddenly soared to the top of all charts. Olga Buzova suddenly became the most popular singer, ahead of Svetlana Loboda and other professional performers. The presenter can now not only be proud, but also to feel how many people care about her and empathize with her in this difficult time.

I WILL! I WILL be Presented today #Ozvuchivali @hitfm_radio coming to a DFM who is going to a new year smki Comedy Club and night premiere of the single in the House-2 My good, we are on the 7th place on iTunes I believe in our power, believe in ourselves, as some people tried to break me. I love you! Thank you. Further – more #premiere#molytisidae#setallchanged#novagen#novae#arampatzis#ozvuchivali

Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Nov 21 2016 at 6:47 PST