«Голое» фото Алексея Серова повергло в шок его фанатов 41-year-old member of the band “Disco Crash” was not able to endure hot weather in Tatarstan and completely undressed. A photo of the singer sunbathing on the balcony of the hotel shared in the social networks of his colleague Alexey Ryzhov. The actor left fans of team indifferent.

      Like many other popular artists, the group “Disco Crash” in the summer actively supports. This weekend, Alexey Serov and Alexey Ryzhov, Anna Khokhlova and sang his best hits, the ski complex “Kazan”. There was a wedding, which invited artists. Now in Tatarstan is very hot — about 28-30 degrees Celsius. Exhausted from the heat of the musicians fled as best they could. 41-year-old Alexey Serov has even decided to strip completely, to feel comfortable in this weather. Photography colleagues, sunbathing on the balcony, shared in his Instagram Alexey Ryzhov.

      “Dry linen. In Kazan was established anomalous heat,” wrote Ryzhov in the microblog.

      Fans of “Disco Crash” did not remain indifferent to photos of a naked Alexei Serov. “Class”, “Oh”, “What is covered? Tan uneven lie” — they wrote in the comments to the post Ryzhov. The opinion was also expressed by the participant of group “Factory” Sasha Savelieva. “Whoa, easy there”, — she wrote. Other followers of the musician informed him that they are not so hot and invited me on tour.

      It is worth noting that the performance Serov, Ryzhov and Khokhlova took place in Tatarstan on “cheers”, the audience was pleased to hear the familiar and favorite they hits. “That was great”, “Remember the school years”, “the Guys are lit, everything is super, thank you,” expressed the emotions fans of “Disco Crash” in social networks.

      In the nearest plans of the group — performances in Sochi in the large-scale international music festival “New wave”, which will be held in the resort town from 3 to 9 September. Special guests of the event will be Ricky Martin and sting.

      By the way, in February of this year in the life of one of the band members held a joyful event. Alexey Ryzhov for the third time became a father. The choice of the artist Irina gave birth to his daughter who was named Lydia. In interviews, Ryzhov said that he and his wife wanted a beautiful and rare name for a child. Childbirth took place without complications, the baby was born healthy, her weight was 4.3 kg. the Happy father was present at birth and first took the girl in his arms. In August of this year Ryzhov and his girlfriend celebrated memorable date — Lydia turned six months.

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