Аделина Сотникова показала подросшего сына Olympic champion in women’s singles figure skating shared with fans photos of his beloved. Photos of godson Adeline was made within a few years. According to fans, athletes, Sotnikova will be a great mom.

      20-year-old Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova recently shared with fans a touching photo with the adorable godson. She loves the baby and loves him as her own son. First, Adelina showed a picture taken with the child when he was a few months.

      “I went through the old photos and came across this! This little guy is my godson, on the photo he’s 4.5 months. What I’m saying? Just the fact that I really miss my son (spiritual) and today I finally see! However, now a grown man, who is soon three years old,” said Sotnikova on Instagram.

      “Nice picture”, “Sincere and nice”, “Woman with a baby is the most beautiful combination”, “Love” — shared his opinion of the fans Sotnikova in the comments to the publication.

      Later skater showed moved followers a picture taken recently after Adelina met with the grown kid. A young woman lamented the fact that time goes by very quickly, but it sincerely boasts a godson.

      “The promised photo with the grown-up man. How time flies… We are already so grown! Beautiful morning, life is beautiful,” wrote Sotnikova.

      Subscribers Adeline noted that the skater looks great with the baby and probably will be a good mother. “It can be seen immediately, with the makings,” wrote one of the fans of Sotnikova. Others have found that the baby is the charm. “A handsome man. Children are the flowers of life”, “so cute”, “This boy looks so happy,” — commented on them.

      By the way, in July this year the Olympic champion celebrated the anniversary. For a party held at the trendy bar in the centre of Moscow, Adeline invited close friends. Sotnikova thanked them for the fact that the girls set aside all my Affairs and came to congratulate her on her birthday. In social networks, the athlete called her friends a second family.

      Recall that the skater Adelina Sotnikova became the godmother in 2014. Then 17-year-old athlete for the first time acted in a totally new role. But, apparently, Sotnikova perfectly coped with it. In his microblog Adelina said that very much loves the kid. Adelina Sotnikova became a young mom

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