Жена Стаса Михайлова пострадала от укуса опасного насекомого Fans of the star family is concerned for the health of the spouse of the singer. Inna Mikhailova thanked God for saving them, she considers it a miracle that remained alive after the attack of the dangerous insect. A poisonous spider bit a young woman during a holiday in Monaco. Fans asking her to be careful.

      Wife of popular artist Stas Mikhailov Inna told a horrible story that happened with her during a family holiday in Monaco. Though details of the incident she shared after the danger has passed.

      Young woman attacked by a poisonous spider. Inna Mikhailova even showed in his pictures of his bitten hand, but after a while deleted it, probably, not to frighten fans. The wife of a famous singer considers it a miracle that she survived after the attack of the dangerous insect.

      “News! And it’s true! I was bitten by a poisonous spider. 10 days have passed and I’m alive! Thank God! Thank God and the virgin Mary. There is no explanation. Thanks for the support, lovelies,” wrote Inna Mikhailova in the microblog.

      Many fans of the star family are very concerned for the health beauty Inna. In the comments they wish to the wife the singer a speedy recovery and please take care of yourself.

      “Get well! But, someone is seriously jealous of you. Be careful! God bless you and your family”, “had to happen. Thank God that everything worked out! Speedy recovery!”, “How did this happen? God bless you! Health!”, “A lot of respect for you and your family! Stas is an excellent singer, the children – wonderful! Happiness! Gently!”, “How near you poisonous spiders? What a nightmare. Always look fascinating. The bite was moved to the legs. The powers of heaven protect you!”, “Take care of yourself! Thank God, all is well, we love you!”, such good responses leave subscribers microblog Inna Mikhailova.

      Recall that Stas and Inna Mikhailov happily married for five years. Stas Mikhailov: “I often scold myself”

      They learned to understand each other perfectly and support in difficult moments. “Inna covers many issues in my life. She’s home, back, rear. I do work, I’m providing, and it is not interfering with me in this fun, educating children, creating comfort in the house, and thus remains a beautiful woman. We have the same interests is very important. But it is more hot, explosive, even I too not a gift. For example, I don’t care what anybody said about me, and Inna is painful. We met two adults with some Luggage behind. And become family. Perfectly complement each other”, – said Stas Mikhailov.

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