Наинстаграмила: самые богатые fashion-блогеры

Amra Olevich

Profession fashion-blogger today is clearly one of the most attractive. The life of influencer seems to be a continuous feast — endless gifts from brands, invitations to screenings and private parties, an exciting journey. And although the bloggers insist that for a beautiful picture hides the hard work, the ranks of those wishing to get into the top Instagram not thinning. Moreover, as shown by various studies, this work pays so well. By the end of the year, the company counted Hopper, who among the fashion bloggers earns the most in the ranking of the bloggers listed in ascending order of income.

Alexa Chung

Number of subscribers: 3.1 million

Revenue per post: 4 500 $

In last place was the British girl Alexa Chung. And this year the girl was obviously having a very successful 35-year-old Chang made her debut at fashion Week in London, showing a private collection of clothing brand Alex created last year.

Having begun the conquest of the fashion world from the model trade, Chang has already become authors of books, TV presenter and, of course, influencera without pictures resident of London, none of the shooting street style with fashion Weeks.

Leonie Hannah

Number of followers: 1.8 million

Revenue per post: $ 5,000

30-year-old Hannah Leonie from Germany started working at the company Otto, where he engaged in strategy development. The experience clearly helped the girl — at least, in network Leoni promotes very successfully.

To write about fashion she started in 2014 by creating a blog ohhcouture. It Hannah, by the way, leads still, but very popular, of course, uses her Instagram (which is now influencer without an account in this social network!). Cosmopolitan magazine named her one of the main fashion bloggers in Germany.

Aymi Song

Number of subscribers: 4.9 million

Revenue per post: $ 7,000

29-year-old Aymi song from the United States was going to be an architect, but also while training at the University became interested in fashion. The girl is one of the pioneers of the movement of bloggers and began writing in 2008. Conduct Instagram Aymi helps her sister Dani, which, by the way, professional fashion stylist hair.

Today, the song is not just influential influencer, but designer — girl have their own brands of accessories and clothing.

Amra Olevich

Number of subscribers: 5.6 million

Revenue per post: $ 9,000

This girl even signed Kylie Jenner is the most popular (and richest!) person in Instagram. Kylie, who herself owns a successful cosmetics company, apparently, has a lot to learn from stylist Amre.

Olevich was born in Montenegro in 1988, but in childhood came to America. In his blog girl shares not only photos in designer clothing, but also ideas for makeup. However, if many people start blogging to share my own style, Amra seem to have found yourself an idol to follow. In many pictures it can not be distinguished from Kim Kardashian — familiarity with the reality TV star Amra, for sure, is proud. And the choice of clothing Amre Kim would approve!

Наинстаграмила: самые богатые fashion-блогеры Kim Kardashian and AMPA Olevich

Наинстаграмила: самые богатые fashion-блогеры

Camila Coelho

Number of followers: 7.4 million

Revenue per post: 10 $ 750

30-year-old Camila Coelho from Brazil manages not only to post in Instagram, but also to record video for YouTube. The girl has a successful career in two directions — Kamila is not only fashion, but beauty blogger.

Fashionable images of Coelho in Instagram following even Dior! Your blog Kamila started in 2010. As influencer, the girl began their own business: this year published a collection of matte lipsticks created in conjunction with the Drugstore brand Lancome. WWD called the blog Coelho one of the fastest growing in its segment.

Chiara Ferragni

Number of subscribers: 15.3 million

Revenue per post: 19 $ 500

31-year-old Chiara Ferragni from Italy is considered one of the pioneers in the world of fashion blogs — page of The Blonde Salad, she started in October 2009. In 2011, Teen Vogue called her the most popular fashion influencers. Their positions since Kiara doesn’t give up — today on the first place in the list of most influential bloggers already puts Forbes.

However, Ferragni is not just a successful writer, and businesswoman: Chiara created her own fashion brand, and last year in Milan, opened her shop. Success Ferragni became the subject of a research project at Harvard University, and Mattel has released in her honor Barbie doll (with the appearance of Chiara, of course).

And you signed some of these bloggers?

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