Лучше, чем Санта: что подарить людям с тонким вкусом и грандиозными целями

Before the New year only two weeks (what? yeah!) and plans to buy everything in advance again went awry? We will not hide that sometimes in the bustle of predpraznichno we are not faith in miracles, but the real panic during a search of the gifts, sometimes even to ekstrasensom come to understand what to give to friends, family and colleagues at this time. To reduce stress, offer to be inspired by our selection. Here you can find surprises for a variety of people: from athletes to artists.

Museum fashion

Who to give: connoisseurs

To look for new clothes has long been possible not only in boutiques but also in gift shops at the museums. Trying to shake off his image of age-old dust and attract a younger audience, many galleries produce their own line of merchandise or creating collaborations with designers to specific exhibitions. The range is consistent with the fashion demands of the target audience: sweatshirts, socks, oversize coats.

The Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin for the holidays released a number of gift collections: to the 170th anniversary of Paul Gauguin together with the Flash Art Museum has released a collection of bombers with paintings of the artist. Moreover, the garment lining is a QR code that leads to the page dedicated to Paul Gauguin, the official website of the Museum.

Well, if we are talking about the fan of modern art, the gift you can select the loyalty card from the “Garage”. Bonuses in the program clearly will delight every fan to go to the exhibition, and the flexible system of prices — torn heart of the wallet of the giver.

The card cost starts from three and a half thousand rubles per person, if you rely on reciprocal gratitude and plan to keep company to his friend in kultpohody, you should take the card for five thousand roubles (it includes the opportunity to spend even one person), but true fans can please card “of the Club of connoisseurs” for 35 thousand rubles.

Лучше, чем Санта: что подарить людям с тонким вкусом и грандиозными целями 3 500 rubles

Fantasy Bra

Someone to give real angels

This year the brand Victoria’s Secret has made a real gift to his fans. For the first time right to try the legendary Fantasy Bra got not only “angel” of the brand, but every fashionista. It is, of course, not original jewellery masterpiece worth one million dollars and more budget-friendly analogue, which went on sale.


Who to give: to someone you are tired of waiting

Moments of expectations met, exceeded hundreds of moments this year, and subtly hint that happiness is happiness, but the clock is at least sometimes is worth watching, is impossible? In the age of smartphones wrist watch, they seem to have lost their relevance, besides manufacturers of gadgets hastened to occupy this niche with its high-tech innovations. But high-quality watches from traditional brands — it’s still a status thing, and why not get out of this eternal captivity external battery! The option of gift, but not for superstitious, they say that to give the watch to the separation.

Лучше, чем Санта: что подарить людям с тонким вкусом и грандиозными целями Watch Casio womens Baby-G — 12 890 rubles.

Sports shoes

Who to give: to those who are beginning a new life

On the New year not only to make wishes, but to make promises. Not all of drowned in champagne and it is written under the chiming clock, of course, come to pass, but attempts are being made annually. If anyone solemnly assures us that plans to switch to healthy lifestyles and Jogging in the morning, then support it. Let start though with the fact that it will add to closet athletic shoes.

Platform and prints

Someone to give the lovers of the original style

There are those who will never change your favorite t-shirt with prints on all designer dresses in the world! Photo of your favorite band or characters and trenchant phrases, or quotes from songs for many not just detail decorative trim clothing, but also some way of communicating with the world. If this character has got a review in the style of “Well, how you’re going to wear those teenage Mikey!”, add a gift of a striking platform shoes — looks let down at all!


Who to give: to the one who never comes empty-handed

Accessories — an important part of any image. Anna Dello Russo has compared them with vitamins, as famous celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe — with armor for women. The most versatile accessory is, of course, the bag. Besides, if the decorations are not all, that’s no bag rare woman out of the house. A neat evening clutch bag or roomy shopper — the choice is yours.

Assistants traveler

Who to give: to someone who can’t sit still

Winter holidays for many is a great reason to extend your put on TC. Extra output week of the year that some people spend just to sleep and eat plenty of salad, for others a occasion to go towards new adventures. If in your environment there are avid travelers, enjoy them with useful accessories.

Styling pack

Who to give: to those who always strives for perfection in the image (and love to save!)

Celebrities, of course, was lucky for their appearance keeps a staff of specially trained people. The makeup artist always got a brush, which he will tweak the makeup, and the stylist’s hair — the whole Arsenal plasek and hair dryers for perfect curls and bouffant. In ordinary life every day to the hairdresser, of course, will not run — even the most picky to the appearance of fashionistas for the budget beauty is clearly different from the features of stars. If the chance to have a personal stylist not yet had to hone your own skills with a universal kit from Dyson.

Лучше, чем Санта: что подарить людям с тонким вкусом и грандиозными целями Dyson Airwrap — 36 990 rubles.

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