Надя Ручка рассказала о своем скандальном увольнении из коллектива
The singer recalled the case from the past.

Photo: Instagram

Nadia Handle, which last year for the first time became a mother, I remembered a funny story from his life. It turns out that one girl got fired for her… ears! More precisely, due to the fact that she’s not allowed to say bad things about yourself, but “indicator” has been the very ears of the artist.

“As long as you can in an attempt to hurt me one “big boss” after futile attempts to invite me to dinner, loudly suggested that I don’t wear a ponytail because of protruding ears, recalls Handle. — He was so proud of his output and the fact that we heard a lot of people! He’s a lot more there “paredolia”, but now not about it. My answer to him cost me a workstation… But no, do not stick out and never stuck, although I’ve always liked people with an unusual shape of the ears. And believe that nature can be “arguing” only in very rare cases!”

In confirmation of his words, Nadia has published online a photo of which shows that she is really nothing sticks nowhere. However, fans more interested in what the “big boss” was, who allowed himself to talk with a pretty girl. Handle left these questions unanswered. But, apparently, she told me about his modeling past, or the first steps in show business, and not about the group “Brilliant”, in which she became a star.

This team Handle gave as many as 13 years! And left him solely at his own request, without scandals, in the seventh month of pregnancy.

“Just had a indecent with a big belly to jump to the fun songs and costumes in size did not fit. By the time realized what was ripe in order to say goodbye to “Shiny” and go their own way”, — said Nadia in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.