«Тоже искусство!» Виктория Исакова выбрала новую профессию
The actress tried herself in an unusual role.

Photo: Instagram

Just seems that celebrities are the celestials who live some other, special life. In fact, all the stars just as the morning cook yourself porridge, and on the weekends (they really are demanded artists rarely) collect house is a bunch of friends and fried kebabs.

Victoria Isakova last weekend invited friends and colleagues to a real Uzbek pilaf, which did itself directly on the fire. As it turned out, the actress loves to cook and even wanted to do this craft as their profession.

“If it happened to come up with something else, I would have become a cook — recognized movie star. — Photo pilaf cooked on the fire. Proud of myself!”

The actors, incidentally, is often necessary for the role to master completely different skills. For example, the actors from the TV series “Kitchen” and learned to cut, saute and roast, as true professionals. Most Isakova recently had to learn the basics of redrawing for the filming of the film “One breath”.

“My heroine is a woman who in a certain stage of his life understood that he has great talent and, despite his age, despite the opinions of others, despite the fact that she had to make great sacrifices, she reaches unimaginable heights in sports, in freediving. It is not just immersed in the ocean, it sinks into itself. In order to find in his heart strength to win. And this power is in each of us. I would like to the audience, leaving the theater, I felt this force and was able to change my life,” says Isakov.

The actress took lessons from masters and learned a very long time not to breathe under water.