Федор Смолов негативно высказался об отношениях с Викторией Лопыревой The football player has given interview in which has commented on a longtime fascination with his blonde model. From that moment, how young people broke up, three years have passed. Fedor Smolov spoke about the pros and cons of having an affair with Victoria and lopyrevoy.
Федор Смолов негативно высказался об отношениях с Викторией Лопыревой

14 June starts the world championship on football. In anticipation of the big event striker of the national team 28-year-old Fedor Smolov was a guest author of the program Ilya Kazakov “Foot’sick people”. Issue with the participation of the athlete were posted on the YouTube channel show. Smolov told the host about who has influenced his development as a athlete, income and mood for the upcoming Grand tournament.

We are talking about the novel by Fyodor with the model of Victoria and lopyrevoy. Young people met in the not his girlfriend blonde Inna Zhirkov. The athlete fell in love with Victoria and began to ply her with gifts. After a while, the pair even staged a wedding ceremony in Bali, but did not register the relationship under Russian law. However, in may of 2015 beauty announced the breakup with Smolov.

“Two Superbrands specially organized a meeting of Victoria Adams and David Beckham. The affair was largely, at least at the initial stage, a PR move. Then that grew. One person from your environment said that the affair with the Vic lopyrevoy greatly helped you in terms of status, you have added the secularism. It was that feeling?” – asked the presenter Fedor.

Федор Смолов негативно высказался об отношениях с Викторией Лопыревой

The player agreed with the journalist. At the same time, Smolov believes that such status is not the most favorable way affected his professional activities.

“Yes, it is foolish to deny. At that time I didn’t win anything and did not even play, – said the athlete. But I was Victoria that was popular in the media plan. Well, Yes, that was the place to be. Here is another question. Whether I liked it? No. Did I do that it messes me up to play football? Aware of”.

Over time, the situation has changed. The upcoming championship Smolov called the most important in his career. Now Fedor is actively removed for magazines and appear in advertising. “All these brands that I have entered into agreements, and magazines is cool image story. Financial side, of course, also present, she influenced the decision,” explained the athlete.

Before the start of a significant event Fedor have to constantly give interviews. The athlete admitted that he was tired from constant dialogue with journalists.

“Now the big hype and demand for players and coaches of the Russian team. I have developed a professional attitude for the interview – to arrive, to say everything concisely and to leave. Really tired. An advertising agent to Lena I said, “I’m really tired, because it takes strength and a lot of energy.” No matter how well I did not look in the camera lens, it’s still not my profile, I don’t enjoy it,” explained Smolov.