Nadezhda Kadysheva is experiencing due to plastic surgery

Надежда Кадышева переживает из-за пластических операций Singer argues that over a lifetime did not make a single shot beauty. Nadezhda Kadysheva believes that artists can’t reshape the face. Singer persuaded to go under the surgeon’s knife, but she resists.
Надежда Кадышева переживает из-за пластических операций

June 1, the national actress of Russia Nadezhda Kadysheva has celebrated his birthday. The soloist of the ensemble “Golden ring” turned 58 years old. The singer says that does not feel his age. She has so much energy and sparkle in the eyes that are the envy and the young girl. Looks Nadezhda Kadysheva at least 10 years younger than his age. And it claims that the hand a plastic surgeon had touched her face.

“I can tell you that with the face I’m not doing anything. I have never had a single prick. I have no double chin, thank God!” – said the star in an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV.
Надежда Кадышева переживает из-за пластических операций

However, the stylists Hope Kadysheva have long advised her to go to a plastic surgeon. “They say that to do rhinoplasty, nosogubnye to raise. That there are such problems,” continues the singer. But for the operation of the soloist “the Golden ring” yet did not dare. She even can not imagine how to sing with redraw face. “I believe that artists can not face to touch it, expressed his attitude to plastic Kadysheva. Is a tool to work.”

The singer has its own tricks that help her look great. According to Nadezhda Kadysheva, it is the quality creams and masks regularly. In addition, she tries to eat right. Eat lots of vegetables, fish, porridge. “I cook every day and do everything on time, all the time, because you get up at six in the morning,” says the star.

Husband of Hope Kadysheva Alexander Kostyuk, the abilities and beauty of the wife in delight. Together they have many years, will soon celebrate a coral wedding – 35 years of marriage. He spoils the woman. The birthday of Kadysheva has received from the wife a big bouquet of flowers, cake and expensive jewelry.

Musicians growing up the grandson of Alex, in June the boy will be two years. Grandma and grandpa promised to soon bring an heir into the scene. “I want to bring him to your ensemble, – said Alexander Kostyuk. Music makings grandson definitely is. I think he will be a drummer”.