Sister Olga Buzova has protected it

Сестра Ольги Бузовой встала на ее защиту A relative of the star supported her after the award “MUZ-TV”. Anna Buzova stated that her opinion is often different from the point of view of Olga, but she is always on the side of the sisters. She noted that it is often accused of bigotry towards celebrities.

Unlike Olga Buzova her sister Anna does not lead a public life. The girl rarely speaks about personal relationships in social networks, and does not seek to gain popularity among Network users. It helps to develop designer brand cousin, as well as promotes creativity Olga. Recently, Anna told me frankly, what is the relationship between them.

Maxim Galkin gave an assessment of the behavior of Olga Buzova on MUZ-TV

“In recent years, faced with the review: live the life of her sister, a fan, and so on. It hurts me the most. And hurt is not because this is so, because if people write, then they think so. But if they equate sisterly love and support to fanaticism, so they do not know the feelings of family relations”, – wrote in his Instagram girl.

She noted that lives its own life, while trying not to show feelings and relationships. However, because of this the fans the impression that Anna spends her spare time doing the sister, and secretly envied its popularity.

Junior Buzova also not paid attention to and failure of Olga in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” at the award “MUZ-TV”. “The fact that she was upset and did not hide their feelings is completely normal, honest reaction. This is who she is, is real. Every artist wants to win, but not everyone can publicly acknowledge the fact that he’s upset when his name did not say,” continues to share the emotions Anna.

It turns out that her own opinion often does not coincide with the views of Olga. However, this does not prevent the relatives to support one another in all endeavors. In his post on Instagram Anna touched upon the topic criticisms of other celebrities to address the sisters.

“Contempt of the people of show business, who like no other know how much you need to plow in order to be popular. Who know how hard this popularity to support. Who understand what a dedicated farmer is my sister, anything with the sky, and a reason is given, this negativity leads me to a screeching halt,” says the girl.

Olga Buzova has always had a good relationship with all family members. In her profile in Instagram and then there are pictures with her sister and parents. Anna also shares images of the presenter, sincerely rejoicing in her new achievements. The girls created a clothing brand, and their flagship stores are now working in several cities of Russia, including in Moscow.

By the way, immediately after the award “MUZ-TV”, where Olga emotionally reacted to the loss, she went not to the party, like all other stars, and to meet her sister.

“Thank you to all my friends who are now with me. I have a broken phone, I do answer. Mom, dad, I love you, my sweet Anya with me”, – has signed a snapshot with a relative of television presenter.