A letter from my mother Zhanna Friske: “Daughter, you are alive”

Письмо мамы Жанны Фриске: «Дочка, для меня ты жива» On the eve of the second anniversary of the death of the singer, June 15, Olga told about their feelings. Mother Zhanna Friske still communicates with her daughter and still feels that she is near. In a touching letter a woman had poured out his soul and shared my soul.
Письмо мамы Жанны Фриске: «Дочка, для меня ты жива»

A parent outliving a child is the biggest Heartbreak for mother. Olga still feels the presence of her daughter… Joan did not June 15, 2015, mother still refers to her, share news and asks for advice. She’s not the type who cries of Woe, never complained and did not respond to provocations. It is easier to quietly cry behind closed doors. What’s the point, after all, your favorite girl will not return. Mother of the singer decided to write to her about how he felt.

Mother Zhanna Friske found happiness in birthday

“Sweetie… it’s been two whole years, but everything in the house reminds you. Write these words and I have tears in my eyes.

Now look at your favorite coffee mug, it is on the shelf in the kitchen cupboard. The high, brown in color, with an inscription in the Latvian language and drawing a building. It to you last year gave Natasha Platoshina nanny. Remember? Nice woman, she took care of our boy while we lived in Latvia.

On the spot things that you brought to us five years ago, before you fly to Miami to give birth to a son. We didn’t touch anything. Although it may need them to do something.

In your room, too, everything is as before. It seems that you are about to enter, my girl. On the nightstand next to the portrait is worth the candle, light it every day and pray. And before we read the prayer all together, penetrating into the meaning of each word.

I always feel your presence as you watch over us… Natasha and I are very worried about dad. It is especially difficult to tolerate the incident. Well, you know his emotional, explosive. Health leads, but still trying to “fight”. Vaughn recently found new lawyers… I am in these matters do not intervene and, frankly, the details don’t really know.
Письмо мамы Жанны Фриске: «Дочка, для меня ты жива»

Natasha is bored, goes to your clothes. But also kept, well done. Seryozha with her help, they are fine.

Pray that I dreamed about, but it’s not coming. And so you want at least in the dream, to look you in the eye and see again your smile.

Computer with your photos, do not touch. Seriously, I don’t want to torment the soul. Although many rare footage has been preserved, because you loved to do… still, when I see you on TV or hear your songs, expect now it’s all over, you going to call in a pleasant and quiet voice, “Mom…”

Письмо мамы Жанны Фриске: «Дочка, для меня ты жива»

But you’re far away… I hope that there is peace. Have you seen how many angels on the grave brought you fans? And flowers are constantly armfuls of fresh… We have tried to organize everything to make fans feel comfortable. Put the bench.

On the grave of Jeanne Friske a monument. PHOTO

I don’t spend much time at the cemetery. Remember, you don’t like it, because often repeated: “Mom, we need to see living people, not dead.” And I don’t feel you there. I don’t know why… For me you’re alive, my beautiful, smiling girl.
Письмо мамы Жанны Фриске: «Дочка, для меня ты жива»

I would love to please you with good news. But what? Except that I saw a Petoskey in may – for the first year. Dima brought him to a performance in a circus, and called us. Plato recognized me. He became taller and thinner. Becoming a young man. And the haircut – how in your childhood, only the back of the head shaven. Growing smart and beautiful. You really look like him, just like two drops of water, the same even tone, a turn of the head. Talking about repeats the gesture during a conversation turns the right handle.

Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, “it Seems we have learned”

And what he considered. Grandpa said, “Plato, what gift do you buy?” And heard: “On your discretion”. Can you imagine? Responsible as an adult. It is a pity that the meeting was short – just about fifteen minutes. I asked the Petoskey to call me. “Okay, grandma,” he promised, but until the phone is silent.

Recently found out: I raised him exactly two years, two months, two weeks. Three deuces. Some parents think that it is troublesome period – diapers, lack of sleep, first teeth, and for grandparents of any age happy. Moreover, the Petoskey is almost capricious. So much just happened to us. Took him in the pram, feeding, reading stories. And remember when we have puppies shepherd? Plato has just started to walk. Saw the cage and asked to be sent there. The dog he was admitted to the children licked the handle, and he played with the puppies. How much joy was in his eyes…

Like, I could really use your advice, our wise and kind daughter. To say, how to act, we want to see more often Plato. We’re very confused and tired of pain, loneliness, anguish and endless struggle. Help to sort out this mess. And the problems grow like a snowball. There is no end to the horror. Forgive us. We didn’t want this to happen. Native, I am ashamed and hurt that your name is mixed with mud. You know, all that you see and experience with us. Love. Mother…”