Nadezhda Granovskaya revealed the secret of his harmony

Надежда Грановская раскрыла секрет своей стройности
The singer told how you can eat without gaining weight.

Hope Meyher-Granovskaya

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

Nadezhda Granovskaya, who was always
surprisingly fragile girl, despite the “brand” appetizing forms
told on how she manages to maintain perfect form, and
why she had gained weight when I was pregnant.

“When I was going to give birth to a son, Igor, 15 years
ago, I weighed 56 kilos, — says the singer. I don’t know how this
possible. I, of course, fine eating. Maybe because I was
19 years old, and was well developed metabolism. Honestly, in my family no one
not inclined to corpulence. So, being pregnant with a son, I gained 4
pounds, it is, in fact, the weight of the child. And their daughters, Anya and Mari, Yes, I
have gained 7-12 pounds. I always refused
epidural anesthesia, that is when you give birth, it is stressful, and you do not before meals.
I kept myself in check.

Although, actually, I allow myself
sweet and spicy, and high in calories, and sometimes fried. But above all, I listen
to your body. I know that I can’t eat a lot, but a little bit.
This is not my story. My story is to always be passionate about something, and about
by the way to eat. I always psychologically on this set.

I always listen to your feelings,
overweight I certainly don’t have. In the morning I try to drink a lot
fluid. I specifically bought a liter thermos, fill it with warm water
lemon and take it with you”.