The star of the show “the Voice” has lost 53 pounds

Звезда шоу «Голос» похудела на 53 килограмма
45-year-old Mariam Merabova lose weight in less than a year.

Звезда шоу «Голос» похудела на 53 килограмма

Mariam Merabova

Photo: the First channel

Mariam Merabova

Photo: Instagram Mariam Marabou

To know the star of the third season of the show “the Voice” Mariam Merabova now
only at signature smile and voice. A former mentee of Leonid Agutin
decided to lose weight — and now the singer is changing things in your wardrobe as often
as toothbrushes.

“Yesterday on the “Culture” show last year’s concert in
The Kremlin for the 100th anniversary of Oleg Lundstrem, where we were privileged to take
part. Look at yourself and realize that there is no turning back! Only forward! How
it is important, when close, always and everywhere nearby and support. At the moment
minus 53 pounds!”
— bragging about your results Mariam. By the way, Merabova may soon beat
record star show “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova, which has lost almost
60 kg.

Charismatic jazz Duo visited our Studio, that definitely made our morning even more happy! Behind the scenes of the program “Happy morning” contestant #Voice Mariam Merabova @mariammerabova and her husband Armen merabov @armen.merabov shared with us his love of jazz, musical plans, attitude, luck and, of course, a good mood ? See the full interview on our YouTube channel! Link in the profile description ? #stoloto #Schastlivaya #luck #roscoelite #backstage #zakatom #show #television #NTV #tiranaalbania #stratopause

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This week began the “blind auditions” in the sixth season of the show
“The voice”, where he returned the Golden composition of the mentors of the first three seasons:
Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky who returned from maternity leave
Pelagia. Because of injury City have to come to the shoot in a wheelchair
chair, but Alexander Borisovich tolerate these inconveniences to score in his
a team of the best performers.

Mariam Merabova, by the way, remains an ardent fan of the show and details
comments on each issue in social networks, sometimes even too emotional.
The singer is genuinely worried about his friends, who fall into the “the Voice”. In this
the season will also be her for someone “sick.” In the sixth season try to get
for example, the famous singer Nina Shatskaya, and Ruslan Alekhno, who decided
to take the example of Alexander Panayotov and remind myself.