Evelina Bledans is struggling with their fears

Эвелина Блёданс борется со своими страхами
The actress admitted that she was afraid to ride a bike.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: Instagram

Being in a prestigious suburban homes
rest together with the son of Evelina Bledans admitted that he wants to learn
to ride a bike. But despite what would seem this kind of sport
easy for even the kids, the actress still can not stay for
a Bicycle wheel with confidence.

“I came into the white house not only in order to
Semik enjoyed a wonderful children’s program and pool, but also to
to make it (which, oddly enough, is one of the big fears of mine)
to learn how to ride a bike, — says Evelina. Yesterday evening
rubbed all — calluses on hands, feet and, of course, what touch
the saddle. The results are there, but minor — you can’t have long to go, but at some
the moment I get scared and I lowered my feet to the ground. Before, however, I
can scroll through the pedals at most two times, so there is progress.
when I see cleaving through the beautiful alleys of people, I feel their inferiority.
Unfortunately, anything with myself I can’t.”

Despite the little setbacks, Evelyn intends
continue to “learn” the bike. She has admitted that there is
his life meringue of physical activity: however, the moderately, without fanaticism.

The main secret
youth Bledans believes the absence in the diet of any restrictions.

“In the first
and foremost thank my parents for good genetics, — said the actress. — Mother
last days remained slender and beautiful, although the food itself is never
limited. Kebabs, smoked ham, sandwiches — it was our favorite
family food. I also have no forbidden foods, no”. Star absolutely
not afraid to get better and just loves potatoes, sausages, fried chicken and
especially the sausage. “First, I just can’t work on an empty stomach
and secondly, still on the stage of those calories will burn. But I also eat a huge
the amount of vegetables”. Another favorite product of the artist — bread, without which the
Bledans not do any one meal. “Best of all — grain, large
grinding. Can not imagine without it life. Good metabolism allows
the body quickly it to digest,” admitted 7days.ru Evelina.