Seven-month-old son Sobchak and Vitorgan spoke

Семимесячный сын Собчак и Виторгана заговорил Wife flew with the baby to leave. Star dad videotaped the first words of the heir. In the short video, which showed the actor, the voice of Plato and noticed his little arm.

Fans of Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak with particular attention the progress of their son Plato. The child was not yet one year old, and he already knows how to swim and doing acrobatics under water with the support of the father. Besides, the boy gradually learns to speak.

In a new video posted Maxim Vitorgan in Stories “Instagram” hand of the baby pulls the swimsuit mom, and he says: “Dad.” Behind the scenes is heard the laughter of the actor. “Well done, son” – he signed a short clip of Maxim.

Star parents often take the baby with you on trips, as I prefer not to leave it permanently in the care of grandparents. This year Plato was flying at “Kinotavr” in Sochi on the festival of Lima Vajkule in Jurmala and in Europe. Ksenia Sobchak jokes that soon his son would be a special privilege. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan arrived in Sochi with his son. PHOTO

“Habit is second nature, Plato is flying so much with us that will soon become a Gold Member of “Aeroflot” and will no longer require us to make funny faces”, – said the presenter to subscribers.

Husband of TV presenter joked on Twitter about the names they gave their son. Vitorgan posted a picture of the ticket of the heir, which is written in Latin letters Vitor. “Here, many are interested in whose name took boy: my or Xasino? Whose is whose? Yes a draw! Its own. Not even the namesake” – said Maxim.

In the education of Plato actively participate close of Ksenia and Maxim. Cousin presenter Alla Usova tries often to visit the nephew. According to her, the child too many toys and clothes, so choose a gift for him is always difficult. Ala notes that the baby is growing very musical.

“Now before going to bed Ksyusha and Maxim include the talking about the sounds of nature – he falls asleep under the singing of birds or the lapping of the sea, – said aunt Plato with “StarHit”. – And the boy loves to swim and swims well already”.

While Ksenia and Maxim busy work, for the boy is watching Lyudmila Narusova, who doted of a grandson. As he recognized the woman, she had long waited for the birth of a baby daughter and was ready to help the parents with him.