Надежда Ангарская активно худеет после родов Became seven months ago mom star Comedy Woman struggling with excess weight. She plays sports, makes at least 10 thousand steps a day. Thanks to the new habits, Angarskaya have been able to say goodbye to ten extra pounds.

      Надежда Ангарская активно худеет после родов

      Nadezhda Angarskaya, which seven months ago became a mother, came up with an interesting way to lose weight after giving birth. As they say, life is in motion. So Hope tries as much as possible to walk. Moreover, the star has decided to attract other young mothers, and all who wish to get in shape, to that useful work.

      “Every day I do at least 10 thousand steps, – has shared with “StarHit” the Hope. And I decided to find 5-7 volunteers willing to do it with me. I helped my Director, Paul. In mid-may we held our first walk. The girls and I walked down the middle, joking and laughing. It was great! And this is only the beginning!”

      Now every fan of the Angara has a unique opportunity to communicate with her in a relaxed atmosphere.

      Recall that seven months ago the singer first became a mother, and as is often the case, gained weight. Now the star is actively engaged and has already lost more than 10 pounds. And this is only the beginning.

      “At first I just stopped eating after six in the evening,” said Angara. – It was very hard. The first time I allowed myself an Apple or drinking tea with milk. Went on any tricks, but would not break. Gradually got involved. Also don’t eat anything that is not growing. That is, chocolate, marshmallows – even in small quantities are excluded. Drinking cold and warm water. And if you allow yourself to frozen yogurt, which is really like, then you must take a minimum of 10 thousand steps. I think using the app on my phone.

      Video published Nadezhda Angarskaya (@nadezhdaangarskaya) May 27 2016 at 8:16 PDT

      The star of Comedy shows like the role of mother. According to Nadia, seven-month-old son David has also helped it come into shape. “I try to spend with David as much time as possible, – says the artist. – It can be put in a kangaroo and held with him all day. Its burden is not felt. This is also the way the load. So everything we have is very positive”.

      Recall that Nadezhda participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit” at the end of 2014. Then she managed to lose 15 pounds. And in January 2016 Angara learned that she was pregnant. Happiness star and her husband Raed knew no bounds. Nadia decided not to stay in the decree, and quickly started filming in the show Comedy Woman. While she is on tour, with the baby daddy either sits or comes a nanny who lives next door.

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