The premiere of the third part of “the maze Runner” moved

Премьера третьей части «Бегущего в лабиринте» перенесена

Fox announced sad for fans of “the maze Runner” news.

Premiere of the third part of the franchise, the title is “the death Cure” will be held in February 2017 as planned, and in January 2018.

Such changes in the rolling schedule, the Studio was forced to go because of an incident and obtained during the filming of injury to the actor playing the main role is Dylan O’brien.

Despite the fact that Dylan now to put on a brave face and says he is ready to get back to work, bosses are sure that the guy still needs time to fully recover.

Note that at the hospital Dylan is not lost and even managed to pass the audition for a new project – a Thriller called “American killer.”

The screenplay will be based on the best-selling author Vince Flynn and I will tell about CIA agent Mitch Rappe, who leads a ruthless hunt for the terrorists. In the book hero we are presented with an experienced agent, behind which is even more skilled veteran of the Cold war with a bad character is Stan Hurley. By the way, Hurley is given the role of Michael Keaton. Shooting “American killers” should begin in the summer.

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