Ani Lorak explained why, she worships her husband

Ани Лорак объяснила, почему боготворит мужа Despite the fact that the singer has been married for almost seven years, she is still in love with his chosen one, as in the very beginning of their romance. Ani Lorak sure that you need every day to work on yourself and try to please the spouse.

      Ани Лорак объяснила, почему боготворит мужа

      For several years now, the singer Ani Lorak happily married with businessman Murat, Nalchajyan. The secret of such a strong relationship, as the actress admitted to journalists that it all pleases your significant other.

      Ani not only constantly praises her husband and admires him openly, but also tries to look spectacular, even at home. The singer, who always goes on stage in a stunning and revealing clothes, and alone with my husband trying to be the most beautiful and irresistible. Help this lorac cosmetics, hairstyle and beautiful clothes. According to Ani, a true woman always shakes the man she loved.

      “A woman should always look phenomenal. Even at home I go in a beautiful gown, with her hair painted lashes. I don’t allow myself to be dressed before her husband. Try to please her man, admire it, empathize with, consult… the Man — God to women,” told the actress in an interview.

      All women Ani Lorak advised to worship their loved ones. The singer believes that a homemaker needs to always create harmony and comfort that is not able to destroy any quarrel. If the family happens conflict situation, it is best to forget about disagreements and to restore calm and gentle atmosphere. Only in this case the man begin to consider his chosen a real gift of fate, I’m sure, Ani.

      Popular singer is guided by these tips throughout family life. Recall that Ani Lorak and Nalchajian married since 2009. Together the couple raise their adorable Sophia, which this year will be for five years. The godfather of the baby became a people’s artist Philip Kirkorov.

      Ani Lorak said that her husband always gives her surprises — flowers, gifts. Despite the fact that he and Murat have been together for about seven years, the force of the lovers ‘ feelings have not subsided. It is easy to imagine that they recently met and to go on a romantic walk. When Ani is on tour, she is constantly in touch with her husband — he calls, writes messages.

      “I like the idea that true love separation is the ability to kindle a fire, and to fake — put out. I am happy that our family is a fire burning. We rolled up our sleeves, we will throw in his firewood. Life is a lot of work on yourself and the relationship. You just need to work”, — said the artist edition of

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