У сына Ляйсан Утяшевой появилась невеста
The athlete told about the problems in the education of children.

У сына Ляйсан Утяшевой появилась невеста

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya with children: Sophia and Robert

Photo: @liasanutiasheva Instagram Laysan Utyasheva

Recently Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya celebrated the birthdays of children. In early may, the daughter of a gymnast and showman — Sofia was three years old, and ten days later the couple celebrated the fifth anniversary of son Robert. For heiress Laysan and Paul made a modest family celebration: it was attended by only relatives of the star family. However, Robert had persuaded his parents to invite to the feast my friend Anne. My son Utyasheva already have a future bride, which, incidentally, helps to take care of Sophia.

But the party of Robert demanded from Laysan and Paul are serious costs. To the boy at the celebration of it’s 30 friends — the whole group of kindergarten. Guests were addressed by the magician, and the couple’s home was decorated with balloons. Robert could not believe his luck: he could not assume that parents will make him such a surprise. “He sincerely said to my husband: “Thank you for the holiday! I’m so happy,” said Rosie.

By the way, if Robert grows obedient child and bullies very rarely, with the education of Sophia in the gymnast has many problems. According to Utyasheva, the girl has an artistic nature and are often satisfied with parents scandals. “Sophia is an actress, typical girl. Have the scandals in the morning: if she doesn’t like the skirt, we simply can not go anywhere… She needs to enjoy himself,” — said in the show “Evening Urgant” athlete.

Laysan utiasheva: “At some point, my husband just saved me”

But in the relationship with her husband from Utyasheva harmony reigns. “We trust each other and love. Handsome men very much, interesting, spectacular, but if you chose one to be with him, it’s your choice. Probably easier if something goes wrong, say, “Oh, and on the other everything was fine.” But it’s not the fact that if the other, you are in a similar situation, it would be good. I really respect couples who are fighting for their marriages, do not allow them to disintegrate, go for this compromise. Here is the sentence: “We lost the love”, what is it? Therefore, love was not”, — told Rosie 7days.ru.