Брэд Питт хотел купить свидание с Эмилией Кларк
“Mother of dragons” was named the best day in my life.

Брэд Питт хотел купить свидание с Эмилией Кларк

Brad Pitt


Emilia Clarke


Recently Emilia Clarke, star of TV series “Game of thrones” did
interesting confession. She told that brad pitt was ready to pay a hundred
extra thousand dollars for the right to enjoy a “society” actress tete-a-tete.

However, you need to think
he was talking about the full date. This story happened this year during Sean Penn organized the auction, which gathered money into the Fund, founded by the actor to help rebuild Haiti, survivors of the disaster. And one of the lots were right the first
see the new, not yet released episode of “Game of thrones”, is almost completely
devoted to the heroine Emilia Clarke.

“When they started to announce the bet, I realized that “date” with me
trying to buy himself brad pitt! He was sitting in the hall and was serious, obviously
if you are going to win. To my great regret, he still lost… And still, it was the best day
my life!” said 31-year-old Clark. She decided that if she he did not
liked, he’d set out to part with quite a substantial sum. Brad fought quite stubbornly, starting with deals of up to 80 thousand dollars, it
raised first to 90, then to 120. However, when an anonymous party
the auction offered nearly 180 thousand, pitt admitted himself defeated.

Incidentally, this auction was not the only one
a pleasant event in the life of an actress lately. To begin with, already
very soon on screens leaves a new film of the franchise “Star wars”, where Emilia
played a key role. Moreover, as it turned out, it will not be
her only appearance in the star Saga. As admitted Emilia, it
signed a contract for several more films in the franchise