Ailing son of Ozzy Osbourne’s wife left

Тяжело больного сына Оззи Осборна бросила жена
Wife demanded Jack alimony.

Jack Osbourne with wife Lisa


The wife of the son of Ozzy Osbourne Jack suddenly filed for
divorce. The news came as a complete surprise. It is not enough that
no one has ever heard about serious problems in this family, only three months
ago Jack and Lisa became parents for the third time and, it seemed, was absolutely

More osgutil all Lisa herself, which is the same
the day that he filed the petition, posted on his microblog curious
picture eyes. She supplied him with the caption: “a Secret always
becomes obvious”. This led gossips to suspect that Lisa
caught husband on a secret affair. The fact that the couple split up not too peacefully, indirectly
confirmed by the fact that Jack’s wife has demanded from him not only
child support, but pay all her legal costs. It’s good that she has requested not
sole and joint custody of three daughters born from the marriage with Jack.

The saddest thing about this story is that the son of Osborne
seriously and terminally ill. In 2012 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
It is a disease of the Central nervous system, gradually leading to full
disability and later death. The diagnosis was delivered to him shortly after
the birth of his eldest daughter — pearl.
When Jack discovered the disease, he
said: “This diagnosis completely changed my life. I realized that I just can’t
afford to lose time in vain…”

Perhaps that is why Jack, who played with Lisa
a wedding in Hawaii in 2012, decided not to postpone further the acquisition of
offspring. After the doctors were able to achieve a relative temporary stabilization
his condition, Lisa gave birth to his second daughter, Andy rose. And in February of this year
Jack had a third child, a daughter Minnie.