“My oncologist looks at me like I’m a miracle”: Hvorostovsky openly about the struggle with the disease

«Мой онколог смотрит на меня, как на чудо»: Хворостовский откровенно о борьбе с болезнью The actor spoke about trials and the support of family. The audience, who had been at a recent concert in Krasnoyarsk, surprised at his energy and celebrate the incredible talent of Hvorostovsky. Dmitry admitted that performances help him to continue to live.
«Мой онколог смотрит на меня, как на чудо»: Хворостовский откровенно о борьбе с болезнью

Two years ago, Opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky put a disappointing diagnosis – a brain tumor. The artist has had several chemotherapy courses and continues to consult with doctors.

The last two years, Hvorostovsky has repeatedly come to the hospital, and held regular courses of radio and chemotherapy. Some time ago, the man injured his shoulder after falling after a concert in St. Petersburg. However, the injury did not prevent him to come to Krasnoyarsk and make a great show. Many noted that the singer was difficult to perform on stage. Journalist Vadim Vostrov, who visited the concert, said that Hvorostovsky’s voice changed and there were problems with diction. But that did not stop him to sing all the parties so that the audience were touched to the core. The artist promised to return to his hometown and told the audience: “bye!” Dmitri Hvorostovsky did not hold back tears at the concert in Krasnoyarsk

According to Hvorostovsky, creativity helps him not to give up. As told by the singer, the previous year was a challenge. In December he suffered a severe pneumonia, which could not sing. According to the artist, he was very hard, he didn’t want to see anyone. From-for problems with health the actor has canceled several major concerts, and the organizers could not make predictions.

“I went through a serious crisis. Then I even the parents are categorically not allowed to come because to see me in this state no one, except his wife. My Florence and me traveled constantly. I already give concerts, but the recovery process after this story is not over yet. I need to be patient for a few months”, – said the artist.

Despite his serious condition, Hvorostovsky continues to rehearse and to perform. At first, doctors did not recommend the artist to overwork himself and go on tour, so he had to cancel concerts. But then I realized that creativity has a positive effect on his health.

“My doctor said, “Work! You turned up the pleasure and happiness, don’t let him… Hard you conquer yourself!” I used on a carriage ride. Now, without strollers manage…” – shared the singer.

Hvorostovsky has admitted that after suffering pneumonia, he had to forget about public life. Dmitri spent several months sitting in his home in London. The Opera star admits that even tired from such intimacy. He was involved in sports and yoga, vocalicious, as it helped to restore light.

“If not to force, the disease will defeat you. It is necessary every day, every hour to pull myself in all possible ways: exercises, children, smiles, love… And grumble a little also not forbidden… of course, I already somewhat accustomed to the domestic way of life. But you better get used to it”, – said the actor.

Children Hvorostovsky help him not to give up. Senior heirs of Dimitri was not easy. Sasha and Daniel lost his mom in 2015. The former artist’s wife Svetlana died from the effects of meningitis. At the same time they learned of the serious illness of his father. Ex-wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky died from sepsis

The education of young children fully engaged Hvorostovsky’s second wife, Florence. According to the artist, he is proud of the successes of her daughter and son.

“Maxim that July 7 will turn 14 years old, yet with his professional interests are undecided. He is passionate about football, Barcelona, Messi. And Nina, she is ten, the soles on the move tears. Everywhere and all the time and was engaged in music and dancing. Recently, they together, Nina and Maksim, made a portfolio, and they immediately showered with a variety of offers – cinema, TV, advertising, fashion shops and magazines. Behind all this process strictly follows Florence, I in details did not penetrate. I’m just encouraging their success”, – said Dmitry.

Hvorostovsky says that he tries to live for today and don’t make global plans for the future. In an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the actor admitted that the best years of his career left behind.

“I continue to fight the disease and hope. “Hope” for me now the most urgent word! As they say, I still play checkers! My oncologist looks at me like a miracle: “Oh, he’s alive! Oh, how healthy!” They have, besides me, of such patients – singers of world renown who sing everywhere and continue to work against all odds. Now I don’t live in the past and not the future, as I have always been familiar. I’m focused on today, tomorrow, not to deceive neither himself nor others,” said singer.